Excursions and Walks

...Seychelles remains a well-preserved sanctuary for a host of endemic species of flora and fauna...

Walking in the Seychelles

On Mahé, Praslin, La Digue and silhouette-island-island as well as on several neighbouring islands, there are well-marked nature trails to introduce hikers to the spectacular and unique natural treasures of these islands. Guided walks cover a variety of scenic routes and will reveal such endemic treasures as the rare Seychelles Scops Owl, insectivorous Pitcher Plant and the Jellyfish Tree.

With almost 50% of the country’s limited landmass protected, Seychelles remains a well-preserved sanctuary for a host of endemic species of flora and fauna ... among which are to be found some of the rarest specimens on earth.

Types of Excursions Available in the Seychelles

Round Island

Seychelles residents make a bee-line every Sunday for Doris Calais' delicious Lunch of Tuna Steaks, Aubergine Fritters and other Creole delicacies on Round Island. Visitors are equally welcome and it is easy to understand how Doris Calais has earned her reputation for fine Creole cuisine. The day starts from Marine Charter with the journey by boat out to the Marine National Park. Transfer to the sub sea viewer for a fish eye view of the coral reefs followed by fish feeding and snorkeling Round Island, with a surface area of just over 3 hectares can easily be explored on foot. Time is allocated for snorkeling. Lunch is served in the shade of giant flamboyant and tamarind trees. After a short siesta there is plenty of time for snorkeling and swimming in the sheltered turquoise waters of the Marine National Park.

Praslin & La Digue

This tour features the unique attractions of Praslin and the extremely beautiful neighbouring La Digue, probably, the most photographed island in the Seychelles. The second largest island, Praslin is a favourite amongst visitors for its natural beauty, romance and charm as well as its superb beaches and beautiful small hotels. Excursions to Praslin include guided tours of Vallee de Mai, home of the fabulous Coco de mer palms wit the evocative pelvis shaped double nuts and rare Black Parrot. After crossing to La Digue by schooner you are taken for a Creole lunch before proceeding to the beautiful l'Union Estate where you can see coconuts being turned to copra and then to oil, as well as a vanilla plantation and giant land tortoises.

Aride Island

Aride is one of the most striking of the granitic islands in the Seychelles. The views from the sheer escarpments are simply breathtaking and the bird colonies are spectacular. Despite its name, the island is not dry, there is luxuriant vegetation. Good shoes or trainers and a bottle of water are essential for this tour but any discomfort is worth it! Aride has the largest concentration of Noddy and Sooty Terns of any of the granitic islands in the Seychelles group. A guided tour of the island is followed by a BBQ lunch on the beach with plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling.

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